Pharmalead and JuicyFields Partner Up

Pharmalead announces a partnership with Germany-based JuicyFields.

In close cooperation with JuicyFields and Partners, Pharmalead will shift its activities to the market of medical cannabis. The ambitious project will be placed under the supervision of Thomas Walker who owns an impressive record of projects successfully executed for JuicyFields.

About JuicyFields
JuicyFields Crowdgrowing platform is a technological solution designed to crack the global cannabis monopoly. Crowdgrowing with JuicyFields allows anyone to legally grow medical cannabis and earn an income from it. This way JuicyFields brings such people and licensed growers around the world together.

Walker Cultivation
Walker Cultivation is founded by Thomas Walker and is lead consultant of Walker Cultivation, a consulting firm specializing in commercial cannabis licensing, certification, cultivation, and extraction.

Thomas’ 16 years of commercial cannabis cultivation experience and over 240 crop cycles have allowed him to gain the title of Expert Commercial Cannabis Cultivator / Head Grower / Director Of Cultivation in outdoor and controlled environment agriculture. He also has vast knowledge and experience in hydroponic, organic, medicinal, and recreational cannabis cultivation.

Since establishing Walker Cultivation, Thomas has provided consultation to over 40 unique customers, from investors to license holders in various countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Rwanda, Swazi Land, Zimbabwe, Germany, Malta, Mexico and Costa Rica. Thomas has to date facilitated 8 successful license applications for medicinal cannabis in South Africa.

Bosman van Zaal
Bosman Van Zaal is a family-owned company, specialized in the development, production, and installation of well-thought-out horticultural projects and has an extensive team of engineers and horticultural experts at its disposal. This enormous technical diversity within the organization forms the basis for the sophisticated technology used in the development of laboratories or test greenhouses for the food and pharmaceutical industries, but which is also extremely suitable for the realization of high-quality production greenhouses. Together with progressive entrepreneurs from the horticultural sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and the science sector, we are building the future of crop production. From vision to solution, anywhere in the world.

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