Phyto-pharma-care: optimising nature’s power to heal.

Learning from nature to solve complex problems is a prominent trend in today’s R&D driven innovation networks. Biomimicry as a driver in industrial design is gaining traction worldwide.  Affecting many industries. In medicine,  this  trend has given birth to a new market segment; the phyto-pharmaceutical industry.

For years, the trend of holistic wellness globally, has repositioned herbal medicine as a viable and an important alternative to modern allopathic medicine. While they have become very popular, only select herbs have been scientifically evaluated for their potential in medical treatment. Beyond the wellness industry, the phyto-pharmaceutical industry is synthesizing the concentrated power of natural herbal ingredients with sophisticated Nano technology in their quest to discover minimally intrusive treatments for diseases like Cancer, HIV and Malaria. WHO is supporting this trend worldwide with regulatory frameworks that ensure safety, consistency and efficacy s are guaranteed.

Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions

Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions is investing pro-actively in synergy with this trend. Building a plantation with in-house lab facilities that mimics the conditions of the forests in Costa Rica, the company is fully specialised on nursing the indigenous plant Psychotria Ipecuanha, known for its quality Ipecac alkaloid. Combining the expertise of the finest agricultural engineers in organic farming with the indigenous wisdom around these botanicals is proving to deliver a quality root material that generates the quality and economic viability necessary for a resilient and sustainable operation

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