Psychotria ipecacuanha, the healing power of Ipecac

Ipecac alkaloids are currently recognised for the following pharmacological classification: (source Pubchem)

  • Amebicides
    Agents who are destructive to amebae, especially the parasitic species causing AMEBIASIS in man and animal.

  • Antinematodal Agents
    Substances used in the treatment or control of nematode infestations. They are used also in veterinary practice.
  • Cathartics
    Agents that are used to stimulate evacuation of the bowels.
  • Protein Synthesis Inhibitors
    Compounds which inhibit the synthesis of proteins. They are usually ANTI-BACTERIAL AGENTS or toxins. Mechanism of the action of inhibition includes the interruption of peptide-chain elongation, the blocking of the A site of ribosomes, the misreading of the genetic code or the prevention of the attachment of oligosaccharide side chains to glycoproteins.
  • Emetics
    Agents that cause vomiting. They may act directly on the gastrointestinal tract, bringing about emesis through local irritant effects, or indirectly, through their effects on the chemoreceptor trigger zone in the postremal area near the medulla

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