Novel Drug delivery systems reposition high quality Ipecac alkaloids for next generation treatment

Repositioning high quality Ipecac alkaloids for use in designer treatments against Cancer, Malaria and HIV/AIDS

In the last 3 years, the phytopharmaceutical industry is “repositioning” many medical herbs to optimize its use in a broader range of treatments. Improved safety and efficacy and often a lower production cost drive these trends. Today, herbal constituents are being designed with far more sophisticated technology. This allows for more reliable growth techniques, consistent extraction quality as well as nano technology based novel drug delivery systems (NDDS),

NDDS for herbal constituents enables the dramatic reduction of bulk dosage and absorption problems often encountered with herbal agents. It boosts treatment effectiveness and dramatically reduces toxic side effects by creating new combinations of.  Furthermore, NDDS has accelerated development of synergistic treatments where combinations of (phyto-)pharmaceutical medication obtain the desired healing effect.

Today high quality Ipecac continues to be used to treat parasitic diseases, coughs and bronchitis. Many mothers around the world also stock a small bottle of Ipecac in their medicine chests as an emetic in case their children swallow something they shouldn’t.

In recent times however, Ipecac’s phytopharmaceutical “repositioning” has placed it as a potential synergetic agent in cancer treatment. Hospital Research labs and phytopharmaceutical companies are designing emetine based compound combinations that can be integrated into the development of new chemotherapy treatments to fight cancer.  Developments are in phase 2 trial stages of next generation pharmaceuticals due to cytotoxic capabilities and unique cell changing properties.

In the last 2 years several medical science articles have reported on successful laboratory tests on synergetic treatments with emetine to improve Anti-malaria. Furthermore, emetine based NDDS experiments for HIV/AIDS treatments are finding encouraging results.

Jointly these market trends have resulted in an increased demand for consistent supply of high quality Ipecacuanha for the phytopharmaceutical Industry.

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