Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions

DPS is a specialized industrial farmer / distributor of medicinal botanicals that activate nature’s power to heal.

DPS is passionate about solving modern day health threats like Cancer, HIV and Malaria through minimally intrusive plant based treatments.

We build our services around our high scale organic greenhouse agri-capacity and dedicated respectful bio-trade supply chain capability.

We offer our clients and channel partners high quality medical agents from organically grown indigenous botanical forest materials in markets that are traditionally complex to access.

We strive to build a customer experience of eminent access and peace of mind by offering consistent quality, reliable delivery and competitive value for money.

As we aim to operate on the frontier of innovation and sustainable market development we cultivate a responsible research and development culture of care. We apply a mindset of curiosity, inclusivity, and consistency in collaborative practices that respect planet, people and communities.

This is critical as we often work with local communities that hold indigenous and often sacred intergenerational knowledge systems of tropical forrest botanicals.  We combine this authentic wisdom with best practice principles of biomimicry design, organic greenhouse technology and cutting edge pharma technology to generate new supply chain solutions that benefit all.

Join us in nurturing a collaborative ecosystem of clients, research partners, suppliers, employees and community stakeholders united in their passion for excellence in phyto-pharma-care.

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